What is Life?

It was in 1996/7 as a volunteer with ‘Age Concern’ that I was involved with a pilot project aimed at improving the quality of life for older people living in sheltered housing – an entirely secular approach.  At the same time I was attending what proved to be an abortive Christian Counselling course.  It was after this that I developed a passion for the use of ‘mind maps’ to develop my own thoughts on ‘What is Life?‘ and later, ‘What is it that we really believe?’

Life for me has moved on but as I look at these ‘mind maps’ now I just wonder whether they might be of help to others.

The first map has six topics and five of them have links to other maps (just hover the mouse over the topic and click).  You will need to use the Back button to get to the first map in order to look at subsequent maps.


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