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I’ve been on the journey outside the walls of ‘traditional’ Christianity for some 40 years and ‘finished’ rewriting my blog last month as a description of some of that journey – and then I found what Bob has written.  I really enjoyed going through the article and highlighting those many parts that I could especially relate to.  I have shared my highlighting on my own blog (with Bob’s approval) and you can see the reaction from my friend Dave Price, who has suggested on my blog that it’s almost as if Bob has crawled inside my heart and communicated the essence of my faith.

Despite very different backgrounds; growing up on different continents; and having differing understandings of some aspects of the Christian faith, Dave and I have become very close friends.  There are two articles that Dave has written that sum up much of the common ground between us:
The Church and the Genie in the Bottle
My Favorite Objections to Christianity


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