Hi Cheryl
Greetings from the UK.

I was reading on when I noticed your name in the list of special contributors. We had been in touch perhaps three years ago. I’ve now finished reading those articles together with ‘Life outside the closet’ (it’s not obvious when this was written). I’m 76 and I’ve been outside the walls of ‘traditional’ Christianity for some 40 years. I have long understood that there is an enormous difference between the Christian RELIGION and the Christian FAITH. Our journeys have been very, very different but I could relate to almost everything you have written.

They say that there is a book in each of us. Instead of writing a book (that is always affected by publishing deadlines) I have written a blog (started some 12 years ago) that has continuously been updated as my understanding has changed, reflecting a very long journey.

It was in August 2011 that I was introduced to WordPress and decided to rewrite my blog. I spent a considerable proportion of the last nine months putting this together – very much the introvert rather than a story teller! As you will see from the blog this was only completed at the beginning of the month. It was in November 2010 that I got to know my friend Dave. Despite very different journeys we both have a vision of reaching out to those who have been negatively affected, or even manipulated by religion. From all that I have read you seem to be on a similar journey. I’ve said on the blog that I’m hoping that some of my internet friends will feel able to share something of their unique journeys.

I can’t remember how we came in contact initially but I’m guessing it was through Wayne Jacobsen.

I’m going to be writing to some of my old friends over the next few days but in the meantime I’d like to include an appropriate link to your material on ‘My Friends’. Is that okay please?



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