A. The Shack and Progressive Christianity

A few people have expressed an interest in discussing the book. I did mention that I considered myself to be Very Theologically Progressive (there is a link in the side bar where these labels are described).

I was aware of the development behind the publication of the book at a time when I was really involved with the Emerging / Emergent / House Church scene in 2005/6. It had a very big impact, summed up perhaps in the thought that I had after reading it the second time, “Why has it taken 57 years for someone to give me a picture of the trinity that begins to make sense?”.

I have included a precis of the book that I wrote at the time together with a personal summary.

Please feel free to share your thoughts. For anyone who has not seen my blog before, let me just say that I have a bit of a reputation for asking some of the awkward questions to which there are no easy answers, and the major purpose of my blog now is to encourage people to think for themselves, and not be put off by the possible fear of saying the wrong thing.


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