7. Power and Leadership

Why do we so often seek to train our leaders to be better communicators (by which we mean ‘speakers’) believing that leadership is some act of persuasion.
Shouldn’t we be looking for individuals who have cultivated a stillness of spirit such that they can attend to the movements of God?
Where are the leaders who are sensitive to the tone in the room; to the unconscious voices in the discussion?
Surely we should be elevating women and men who have an awareness of the spiritual dimension to life that runs parallel to this world?

Why would we follow men and women who can depict some grand vision, or who have a confidence about ‘the way we need to do things’?
What can we learn from the men and women who struggle with the pain in the world and are generous, kind, self-effacing, seeking to learn, fragile, patient, still, and free – those who have known failure and have not been crushed – those who can laugh at themselves and do not try to achieve mighty things


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