5. Relinquishing Control and Taking Responsibility for our Lives

Consider that most people live their lives trying to take as much control as they can, and relinquishing as much responsibility as possible – abdicating responsibility for anyone other than themselves!
A lack of community involvement.
The belief that the world owes them a living.

What are the masks that we have created to make ourselves safe?

How much have we still not accepted as our own responsibility?
Is there an openness to the penetrating reach of Father?
What is it that we are still hanging on to?
When we reach conclusions, how tightly do we hold on to them?
Might our views change with time?
Might we need a new perspective or a new sense of direction?

Willing to take risks:

Faith = a willingness to abandon that which seems to make us safe!
Can we begin to experience Father’s affection in each and every moment?
It can be more risky to stick to the same activity – we are all different and try to use different strategies.
Some don’t like change – others find stability risky.
Risk isn’t about doing new things – it’s about doing things that are not safe.
Some people seem to be moved to try new ways – some seem to be encouraged to remain content with what they are doing – neither endless change or fixed stability!


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