3. Living Life as a Gift

Many non-Christians enjoy life while many Christians find it hard.
In the modern world we expect to pay for everything – valuing things by how much they cost!
It doesn’t come naturally to experience things as a free gift offered by a divine Father to his children.
How many Christians look back wistfully to the forgiveness and joy they experienced when they first came to Christ – after being so busy – awaiting the day when freedom comes?
How many serve Christ as an act of worship – but Jesus said that he came to serve (not to be served) – many see the need to serve the risen King!
But surely the incarnation is a reflection of the inner nature of God – that of self-giving!
It wasn’t just a one off act – consistent with the ongoing love between Father, Son and Spirit!
How can we allow God to serve us in this way?
The heart that Jesus came to change is the heart that seeks to make itself safe and self-sufficient in a hostile world outside a divine relationship with Father.
A life of service can be just as much a strategy to make ourselves safe as a life of rampant licentiousness!

Consider the parable of the prodigal son – both sons misunderstood the nature of Father’s love!

The transition involves letting go of the control we thought we had, and coming to understand why God doesn’t bless all our initiatives.
The undefended life is instead, lived in receptive generosity!


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