2. Living in the Spirit

Do we need “safe havens”?

Do we have a place where the mind is free from animosity, hostility or fear, with a love that flows easily towards the world that is ‘in the flesh’?
It is surely pointless praying for more of God’s Spirit.
We don’t have to plead with God to co-opt him to our cause – helping us to be less angry, less anxious, taking away our guilt, becoming more patient, tolerant, kind, loving, merciful or generous. The defended life is the life that is ruled by fear instead of freedom.

A peace beyond the veil that is so easily shattered by the realities of life – the endless task of managing an unsafe existence with the same old familiar strategies?

The need to be aware of the intersecting movements of God. If we are to live without fear (the undefended life) we need to live life as a gift – live in the present – relinquish control but take responsibility for our lives – be willing to take risks and trust God.


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